Pricing for Photo Booth Rental Event Services

  • Six hour: $950
  • Four hour: $850
  • Three hour: $750

Rent a photo booth today! Send us an email at [email protected]

Note: Prices shown do not include applicable taxes.

Standard Events Include:

Gear Time

Your guests will enjoy the service for the total hours included in the package.

Hands On The Shutter!

No more waiting for "3, 2, 1 - Make Face"! You control the shutter. We have found that this makes for much better photos: group shots come alive and selfies capture the real action - no more "Mirror Face"!

Instant Retouching

The USNAPS retouching algorithm is fast and instanly gets applied to every photo. We spent years perfecting this, and it yields great detail in hair, eyes and clohing. We are very proud of the warm, happy glow we are able achieve over the full range of human skin tones.

All Photos Free, Always

All of the high-quality, full resolution photos from your event, will be available to you for free, forever.

Same-Day delivery and pickup

A USNAPS Tech Operative will deliver the hardware 1.5 hours prior to your event, and take it with them after the fun is done.

Clean, Fun props

We provide a good selection of well maintained and freshly-cleaned props.

Code card or QR Code

The event photos are avaiable instantly online in most cases, this code provides secure access.